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It isn’t just what we do, it’s how we do it. Before, during, and after every project, our clients’ interests are our primary concern. We provide the trusted knowledge, astute guidance, and reputable leadership that creates an environment where the owner, architect, contractor, and trades collaborate as equals.

We keep the lines of communication open, emphasize preplanning, and enforce proven installation practices. We are passionate from beginning to end about achieving the ultimate result – creating a building of the highest quality that the entire team is proud to have been a part of.


Every stage of construction is important, but being proactive is at the core of our culture. We partner with the project team early in the design phase to provide valuable cost and constructability information. This allows our owners to make critical decisions early on to ultimately save time and money. No two projects are alike. Early involvement and understanding the owner’s needs are critical to the team’s success. As the owner’s advocate, we scrutinize every aspect of the project to ensure the best value and tailor our preconstruction service to meet the unique goals of each client. We provide accurate and valuable information to our clients so they can make informed decisions regarding their project before construction begins.


  • Achieve the best overall design value
  • Provide accurate pricing so the project team can make well-informed decisions.
  • Ensure a coordinated, buildable set of construction documents.


Our proven processes protect each project’s safety, risk, budget, quality, and schedule. However, what really sets Precision Development, Inc. apart is our people. Our number one goal is to build your project right and walk away with a sense of pride. We work as a team, no matter the challenges. Precision Development’s unique services and expertise often overshadow the heart of what we do – which is build buildings. If you want to know what we do, just take a look at what we’ve done.

Great people and proven processes are the two keys to a successful construction project. Our people always have been and always will be our most valuable resource and every employee at Precision Development has their own unique combination of talent and experience. We implement proven processes and procedures that will ensure each project is built safely, mitigate project risks, protect our owner’s budget, deliver a high-quality product, and maximize our owner’s return on investment.


  • Open-book, transparent approach allows owners to know exactly where dollars are being spent at all times.
  • Scheduling expertise will keep all team members informed and eliminate surprises.
  • The highest quality standard will be delivered from the foundation down to the last finish detail.


We don’t disappear at the end of your project. Whether it’s closeout or warranty issues, our goal to Be Accountable doesn’t end when the project does. We want you to be happy with your building during construction, through the closeout phase, and long after we leave. We pride ourselves on closing out projects and taking them across the finish line with the same effort and intensity we put into starting your project. Rest assured, we are local and here to stay.

That means we don’t move staff off the project before it’s complete, we hold all subs accountable to the final punch list, and we have dedicated staff to handle warranty issues if they arise. We will get all necessary documents turned over on time and if you have any issues whatsoever, we’ll bethere.


  • We will notslow down or lose focus until the end user is moved in and satisfied.
  • Warranty issues are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Special Projects

Our Company philosophy applies to all project sizes and no project is too small for Precision Development. By utilizing our dedicated team of professionals for special projects, our clients receive the same sophistication, process, and customer service, regardless of the size of their project.

Each job is led by one of our Team Members, who will guide you through due diligence, preconstruction, and construction. This provides a level of continuity for a seamless process and accountability to quality control, safety, risk evaluation, and client service.


  • Whether large or small, Precision Development has a highly qualified design/build team for your project.
  • When complications arise on a smaller project, you want a general contractor on board with a broad range of experience that is well equipped to mitigate risk and hassle.
  • After wrapping up a large project, we can continue to meet your small project needs without any information loss.
  • Whether you have one small project or an ongoing long-term project, we have the manpower to meet your need.
  • A dedicated Project Team means we’re always ready to staff your project.
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